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Übersetzung im Kontext von „Viserys“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: I named them for my brothers, Viserys and Rhaegar. Shared by an unfinished life. Find images and videos about game of thrones, harry lloyd and viserys targaryen on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you. wurde er dann für die aufwändige Fantasyserie Game of Thrones besetzt, in welcher er in der ersten Staffel die Rolle des Viserys Targaryen spielte.

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Übersetzung im Kontext von „Viserys“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: I named them for my brothers, Viserys and Rhaegar. Shared by an unfinished life. Find images and videos about game of thrones, harry lloyd and viserys targaryen on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you. - Photo of Viserys Targaryen for fans of Game of Thrones

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Viserys musste einsehen, dass weder Khal Drogo noch seine Schwester sein Vorhaben freiwillig unterstützen wollten. Er drohte Khal Drogo damit, Daenerys zu. Viserys neigt zu Wutausbrüchen, die er "den Drachen wecken" nennt und mit schriller Stimme jedes Maß verliert, und zur Selbstüberschätzung, was sein Umfeld. Viserys Targaryen ist der rechtmäßige Erbe des Eisernen Thrones von Westeros, lebt aber seit seiner frühesten Kindheit und nach Robert Baratheons Rebellion. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Viserys“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: I named them for my brothers, Viserys and Rhaegar. Viserys es descrito como un hombre de rostro fuerte y afilado, cabello rubio plateado y ojos lilas, rasgos típicos de los Targaryen. Viserys era un hombre ambicioso, pero también impaciente, delirante, y ciego a la realidad. Viserys Targaryen. Viserys Targaryen is the second-born son of Aerys II Targaryen. Thirteen years before the events of the series, he and his sister Daenerys fled Westeros to escape death at the hands of rebel Robert Baratheon. Viserys is an arrogant, cruel and ambitious man given to violent mood swings. Viserys was born in AL. He is the second son and the middle child of Aerys II. He is the younger brother of Rhaegar and the older brother of Daenerys. His father banned him from attending the wedding of his brother and Princess Elia Martell. Viserys was a peaceful man who hated conflict and was plump and pleasant. He was described as amiable, open-handed and eager to please. Though Viserys was never considered strong willed, he was not pliable or indecisive either, when he made a choice he was unwavering and firmly stood by his decision. Viserys is the second son and heir of King Aerys II Targaryen, the former ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. During Robert's Rebellion, after Viserys's older brother Rhaegar was killed at the Battle of the Trident, his father sent Viserys and his pregnant mother, Queen Rhaella, to safety on Dragonstone island. Thorne Viserys originally a Targaryen loyalist who, after the fall of House Targaryen at the hands of Ned and Robertwas forced to join the Night's Elena Bruhn Alter. Revealing himself Aegon, Griff persuades the Golden Company into supporting his invasion, landing his army in the Stormlands and capture several castles, and plans to lay siege to the Baratheon seat of Storm's End. After Bran Stark is crippled in A Game of ThronesHodor Das Traumhotel Mexiko tasked to carry him around in a sling on his back.

Viserys was a dragonrider who rode Balerion until the dragon died of old age during the reign of Jaehaerys I. Viserys never bonded with another dragon after Balerion's death.

Viserys was a peaceful man who hated conflict and was plump and pleasant. He was described as amiable, open-handed and eager to please.

Though Viserys was never considered strong willed, he was not pliable or indecisive either, when he made a choice he was unwavering and firmly stood by his decision.

Viserys generosity was legendary and the Red Keep became a place of song and splendor during his reign.

King Viserys hosted countless balls, feasts and tournaments and lavished gold and offices and honors among those he favored, he was well loved by lords and smallfolk alike.

In his midlife Viserys's stoutness caused him numerous health problems, including from gout, aching joints, back pain, and respiratory issues.

Towards the end of his life his girth nearly kept him from ascending the steps to the Iron Throne. Viserys sported a bushy, silver-gold mustache and wore the crown of his grandfather, Jaehaerys I.

He was twenty-six years old and had been married for a decade to Lady Aemma Arryn. King Viserys inherited a secure throne, a full treasury and a legacy of goodwill from his grandfather, Jaehaerys I.

House Targaryen was at its most powerful during Viserys's time, having the most members and dragons since the Doom of Valyria.

Viserys was known as the Young King when he ascended the Throne, and due to his amiable nature the smallfolk were optimistic about his reign.

Holding a splendid court with Queen Aemma Arryn , the Young King was determined to maintain the peace and goodwill of his grandfather Jaehaerys the Wise.

They had a son who died in infancy and a daughter, Princess Rhaenyra who was six when her father became king.

The princess became his royal cupbearer at the age of eight and was always by her father's side at feasts, balls, and tourneys.

Rhaenyra was dubbed "the realm's delight". Viserys's younger brother, Prince Daemon Targaryen , considered himself his brother's heir and coveted the title Prince of Dragonstone.

While Viserys loved his younger brother, despite his flaws, he had no wish for Daemon to succeed him. Viserys was hopeful that his wife would give him a son soon and settle the succession issue.

Fearful of Daemon becoming king, Otto tried to convince Viserys to make Rhaenyra his heir. Viserys refused, as he was confident he and his wife would one day have a son.

Aemma later became pregnant, to the king's delight. While the king was bereaved, his brother Daemon was observed in a brothel in the Street of Silk making drunken japes with his cronies about the "heir for a day".

When word of this reached the grieving Viserys, his grief turned to rage. Hundreds of lords and landed knights did obeisance to the princess and swore solemn oaths to defend her rights of succession.

Daemon left the capital in a fury. Viserys began to groom Princess Rhaenyra to be the ruling queen, teaching her how to rule and made her part of his small council.

Since Viserys was not yet thirty, Grand Maester Runciter was the first to urge him to remarry, suggesting Laena Velaryon , daughter of Lord Corlys Velaryon.

Such a marriage would have healed the rift between the Iron Throne and Driftmark , since Viserys had been chosen as heir to the Iron Throne over Laenor Velaryon in the Great Council of AC.

Viserys instead chose Alicent Hightower , the eighteen-year-old daughter of Ser Otto Hightower , his Hand of the King. Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen poured for her new stepmother at the wedding feast, and Queen Alicent kissed her and named her "daughter".

Rhaenyra and Alicent at first got on well, but that soon changed. Prince Daemon Targaryen , when he was told about his brother's marriage, reportedly whipped the messenger who brought the news nearly to death.

When Daemon and House Velaryon fought a war for control of the Stepstones against the Triarchy , the peaceful Viserys was unperturbed.

The amity between Queen Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra soon ended as both desired to be the first lady of the realm. What was promised.

No, you cannot touch me, I am the dragon , the dragon , and I will be crowned! Viserys : You were supposed to be my wife, to bear me children with silver hair and purple eyes , to keep the blood of the dragon pure.

I took care of you. I taught you who you were. I fed you. I sold our mother's crown to keep you fed.

Daenerys : You hurt me. You frightened me. Viserys : Only when you woke the dragon. I loved you. Daenerys : You sold me. You betrayed me. Viserys : No.

You were the betrayer. You turned against me, against your own blood. They cheated me. Your horsey husband and his stinking savages.

They were cheats and liars. They promised me a golden crown and gave me this. Viserys is less than the shadow of a snake. My mother died giving me birth, and my father and my brother Rhaegar even before that.

I would never have known so much as their names if Viserys had not been there to tell me. He was the only one left.

The only one. He is all I have. He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon. The Beggar King is dead.

The last son of Mad King Aerys. He's been going about the Free Cities since before I was born, calling himself a king. Well, Mother says the Dothraki finally crowned him.

With molten gold. The cream-and-gold I call Viserion. Viserys was cruel and weak and frightened, yet he was my brother still.

His dragon will do what he could not. Even as a child, your brother Viserys oft seemed to be his father 's son, in ways Rhaegar never did.

Doran : It makes no matter. He is dead. Arianne : The old ones are so frail. Was it a broken hip, a chill, the gout?

Words are wind, and the wind that blows exiles across the narrow sea seldom blows them back. That boy Viserys Targaryen spoke of return as well.

He slipped through my fingers at Dragonstone , only to spend his life wheedling after sellswords. Navigation menu Toggle navigation A Wiki of Ice and Fire.

Jump to: navigation , search. For other uses, see Viserys Targaryen disambiguation. He begins training Bran Stark in clairvoyance.

In the HBO television adaptation, the character is only known as "The Three-eyed Raven", and his backstory regarding the Targaryens and the Night Watch is never mentioned.

He was briefly portrayed by Struan Rodger in the fourth season finale " The Children ", and more extensively by Max von Sydow in the sixth season.

In a interview, Isaac Hempstead Wright who portrays Bran hinted that in the television series the Three-Eyed Raven had been "sitting in a cave looking through time" for "thousands of years".

Maekar is a character in The Tales of Dunk and Egg. He is the fourth and youngest son of Daeron II Targaryen.

Maekar married Dyanna Dayne and had six children, four sons, Daeron, Aerion, Aemon and Aegon, and two daughters.

He was made Prince of Summerhall, a summer castle built in the Stormlands by his father. Maekar is resentful that his achievements are often overlooked, especially in favor of his eldest brother Baelor "Breakspear".

He was angry when his father Daeron ordered that his third son Aemon be sent to the Citadel. At the Tourney at Ashford, Maekar sends his other three sons, and is angered when Dunk attacks the cruel Aerion to defend Tanselle, a Puppeteer.

When Aerion asks for a Trial by Seven, Maekar takes his son's side, however, Baelor takes Dunk's side. In the fight, Dunk forces Aerion to withdraw his accusation, but Maekar while trying to reach his son is stopped by Baelor and accidentally strikes him a blow to the head that kills him.

He allows Dunk to take Aegon as his squire when Dunk points out how Daeron and Aerion turned out. Maekar would eventually become King but died 12 years later at the Peake Uprising, when a stone thrown from the Peake's castle Starpike crushed his head.

House Blackfyre is a semi-extinct cadet house of House Targaryen. Their sigil is a three-headed black dragon on a red field, the reverse of House Targaryen.

House Blackfyre was founded when Aegon IV "the Unworthy" reigned AL — legitimized all his bastard children on his deathbed.

Aegon gave "Blackfyre", the sword of the first Targaryen king, to his bastard Daemon, seeming to signify his favour for Daemon over the heir apparent: his true-born son Daeron.

When Aegon IV died, Daemon I Blackfyre contested Daeron II Targaryen's right to the Iron Throne. This challenge set off conflicts between AL — where a series of Blackfyre pretenders vied for the Iron Throne.

Lord Jon Connington is the exiled Lord of Griffin's Roost and was a close friend of Rhaegar Targaryen. Jon serves as a third-person narrator for two chapters in A Dance with Dragons.

Fifteen years before the events of the series, King Aerys II made Jon his Hand of the King. However, Jon also failed to contain the rebellion.

Aerys stripped him of his lands and titles, giving them to Jon's cousin Ronald Connington, and exiled him. Biding his time in Essos, he raises Young Griff , supposedly Rhaegar's son Aegon.

Jon and Aegon eventually decide to attack Westeros while it is embroiled in civil war. During the return trip, Connington contracts Greyscale Plague when saving Tyrion.

The group lands in the Stormlands and captures several castles, including Griffin's Roost. Aegon plans to lead the attack on Storm's End , the next target.

Ser Jorah Mormont is the exiled Lord of Bear Island in the North , which he inherited after his father Jeor Mormont joined the Night's Watch.

His wife's lavish lifestyle led to debts, which led Jorah to engage in selling slaves. Escaping justice, he fled to Essos and eventually joined the service of Daenerys Targaryen , becoming one of her chief advisors.

In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Iain Glen. Missandei is a slave interpreter for Kraznys mo Nakloz when Daenerys Targaryen comes to inspect the Unsullied in Astapor.

After Daenerys strikes a bargain with the Good Masters of Astapor concerning payment for the Unsullied, Kraznys gives Missandei to Daenerys as an interpreter to give them commands.

Afterwards, she becomes a trusted confidante and handmaiden to Daenerys. In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Nathalie Emmanuel.

Daario Naharis is a leader in the Stormcrows mercenary company. Daario is won over by Daenerys and brings the Stormcrows over to her side. He becomes romantically involved with her, eventually becoming one of her advisors.

In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Ed Skrein in season three , and by Michiel Huisman from season four to season six.

Grey Worm, "Torgo Nudho" in High Valyrian , is an Unsullied purchased by and sworn to Daenerys Targaryen.

He is the commander of Daenerys's Unsullied and one of her trusted advisors. After Daenerys flees Mereen, Grey Worm becomes a member of the ruling council of the city.

In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Jacob Anderson. House Lannister is one of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms and the principal house of the Westerlands.

Its seat is at Casterly Rock and they are also given the title Wardens of the West. Its coat of arms displays a golden lion rampant on a crimson field, and its words are "Hear Me Roar!

The Lannisters ruled as Kings of the Rock until House Targaryen invaded Westeros. They are the richest family in the Seven Kingdoms because of the gold mines located in their lands.

Tywin Lannister is Lord of Casterly Rock , Shield of Lannisport , and Warden of the West. He is a calculating, ruthless, and controlling man.

In his youth, he witnessed his father grow old and weak. Eventually several nobles revolted against Lannister rule. Disgusted with his father's inaction, Tywin personally led the Lannister army and utterly destroyed the rebellious vassals, placing the bodies of their entire families on display at Casterly Rock.

Impressed with his decisive actions in putting down the rebellion, Aerys II Targaryen appointed the young Tywin Hand of the King.

Tywin proved himself a ruthless but capable leader and his tenure was marked by peace and prosperity. In the HBO television adaptation , he is portrayed by Charles Dance.

Cersei Lannister is the twin sister of Jaime , the elder of the two , and the only daughter of Tywin Lannister. She serves as the third-person narrator of twelve chapters in A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons.

She became queen by marrying Robert Baratheon. She has three children all of whom are in actuality fathered by her twin brother and two of whom eventually become king after Robert's death.

In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Lena Headey. Jaime Lannister is the twin brother of Cersei and the first son of Tywin Lannister.

He serves as the third-person narrator of seventeen chapters throughout A Storm of Swords , A Feast for Crows , and A Dance with Dragons.

He was widely considered one of the best swordsmen in all the Seven Kingdoms before having his right hand chopped off by Vargo Hoat.

In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Tyrion Lannister is the younger brother of Cersei and Jaime Lannister , and serves as a third-person narrator for 47 chapters in A Game of Thrones , A Clash of Kings , A Storm of Swords and A Dance With Dragons.

He is the narrator with the most chapters in the books. In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Peter Dinklage.

Joffrey is the eldest of Queen Cersei Lannister 's children. Though a Baratheon in name, Joffrey is actually a product of incest between Cersei and Jaime Lannister , but unaware of his true parentage.

He is described as a strong-willed child with a vicious temper and a sadistic streak. In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Jack Gleeson.

Princess Myrcella Baratheon is the second oldest child and only daughter of Queen Cersei Lannister. Like her brothers, she was fathered by Cersei's brother Jaime Lannister , but she is ostensibly unaware of this.

She is described as delicate, beautiful and courteous, and is said to have all her mother's beauty but none of her cruel nature. To ensure that House Martell will support Joffrey, Myrcella is betrothed to marry Prince Trystane Martell when they come of age and is sent to Dorne in A Clash of Kings.

After Joffrey's death in A Storm of Swords , Princess Arianne Martell schemes to kidnap Myrcella and crown her queen of Westeros. The plan goes awry, however, and Myrcella is severely injured in the kidnapping.

In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Aimee Richardson in seasons one and two , and Nell Tiger Free in seasons five and six.

Myrcella dies in Jaime's arms moments after acknowledging him as her father. Prince Tommen Baratheon is the younger brother of Prince Joffrey and Princess Myrcella and is second in line for the throne.

Tommen is Queen Cersei Lannister 's youngest child and, like his siblings, he is also the son of Cersei's brother Jaime Lannister , but he is unaware of this, as he believes Robert Baratheon to be his father.

Like his sister, he shares none of his mother's ruthlessness, and is in fact, mild-mannered, courteous, and kind-hearted. In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Callum Wharry in seasons one and two , and Dean-Charles Chapman from season four onwards.

Ser Kevan Lannister is Tywin Lannister 's younger brother and most trusted captain, known for his reliability and loyalty. He serves as the third-person narrator for the epilogue of A Dance with Dragons.

He is comfortable with carrying out Tywin's wishes and resigned himself to perpetually living in his brother's shadow.

In A Storm of Swords , he is appointed Master of Laws to his great-nephew King Joffrey Baratheon , and after Tywin's death, he is offered the position of Hand of the King in A Feast for Crows but refuses to serve under Cersei.

After Cersei's imprisonment, the council appoints him Lord Regent to King Tommen Baratheon , and he tries to solve the problems Cersei created.

Because his efforts to stabilize the kingdom threaten Aegon VI Targaryen's plans to take the throne, Varys murders Kevan. In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Ian Gelder.

Lancel Lannister is the oldest son of Kevan Lannister and serves as squire to King Robert Baratheon at King's Landing , in A Game of Thrones.

He helps Queen Cersei kill Robert. In A Clash of Kings , Cersei knights him for his part in Robert's death. After Cersei takes Lancel as a lover, Tyrion discovers the affair and blackmails Lancel into spying for him.

During an attack on King's Landing, Lancel guards Cersei's son King Joffrey Baratheon and is seriously wounded in the fighting.

During his recovery in A Storm of Swords , he experiences a spiritual awakening and spends much of his time atoning for his sins.

When the Faith Militant, the military order of the Faith , is reinstated, Lancel renounces his wife and lands, and joins the organization.

In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Eugene Simon. Bronn is a skilled sellsword of low birth.

He is described as having a sardonic sense of humor and a pragmatic, amoral philosophy. He helps Catelyn take Tyrion to the Eyrie , where he befriends Tyrion.

After fighting in the Battle of Blackwater, he is knighted and takes a burning green chain as his sigil, [28] though continues serving Tyrion.

During his trial for murdering Joffrey, Bronn refuses to champion for him again, instead taking an offer from Cersei to be married to the pregnant Lollys Stokeworth.

Shortly afterwards, Bronn becomes the head of House Stokeworth after all members ahead of Lollys die under mysterious circumstances. Cersei also worries that he is still in league with Tyrion.

In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Jerome Flynn. Ser Gregor Clegane, known as the Mountain That Rides, or simply the Mountain, is the older brother of Sandor Clegane and is a vassal to Tywin Lannister.

Sandor Clegane, known as the Hound, is a retainer to House Lannister and the younger brother of Gregor Clegane.

He is regarded as one of the most dangerous and skilled fighters in Westeros. His face is distinguished by gruesome burn scars, which he received as a child when his brother pushed his head into a brazier.

In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Rory McCann. Podrick Payne, Pod for short, is a squire to Tyrion Lannister toward the end of A Game of Thrones.

In A Clash of Kings , he rescues Tyrion from an assassination attempt. He becomes Brienne's squire and serves her as faithfully as he did Tyrion.

His fate is currently unknown. In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Daniel Portman. Shae is a Lannister camp follower who sleeps with Tyrion Lannister before the battle on the Green Fork.

To prevent discovery, Shae is set up as a handmaiden by Tyrion and Varys, serving Lollys Stokeworth and later Sansa Stark. In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Sibel Kekilli.

House Baratheon is the youngest of the great houses of the Seven Kingdoms and the principal house of the Stormlands.

It was founded by Orys, the bastard half-brother of the first Targaryen king. Under Robert, House Baratheon occupies the Iron Throne at King's Landing , with his younger brothers Stannis and Renly ruling Dragonstone and the ancestral seat Storm's End respectively.

The Baratheon coat of arms displays a black stag on a field of gold; a crown was added after Robert Baratheon took the Iron Throne.

The house motto is Ours is the Fury. Robert Baratheon is King of the Seven Kingdoms at the beginning of A Game of Thrones.

He was the ward of Jon Arryn and was raised at the Eyrie alongside Eddard Stark. Fifteen years before the novels, Robert was betrothed to Ned's sister Lyanna , and after Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen disappeared, Robert killed Rhaegar and seized the throne.

In the HBO television adaptation , he is portrayed by Mark Addy. Stannis Baratheon is the younger brother of King Robert and older brother of Renly.

He is regarded as a skilled but overcautious military commander. In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Stephen Dillane.

Renly Baratheon is the youngest of the Baratheon brothers and Lord of Storm's End. He is described as handsome and charismatic, winning friends easily.

Renly serves on Robert's council as Master of Laws. In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Gethin Anthony. Selyse Baratheon is the wife of Stannis, and was a Florent before her marriage.

She is described as being fairly unattractive with extremely prominent ears and a hint of a mustache on her upper lip. Selyse has a cold relationship with her husband.

She is the first of her family to be converted to the religion of the Red God by Melisandre. In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Tara Fitzgerald.

Shireen Baratheon is the only living child of Stannis Baratheon and Selyse Florent. She contracted the lethal greyscale disease as a child, disfiguring her by leaving the left side of her cheek and most of her neck covered by grey, cracked, and stone-like skin.

In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Kerry Ingram. Gendry is one of Robert Baratheon 's many bastard children.

He lives in King's Landing as an armorer's apprentice and is unaware of his true parentage. Gendry later joins the Brotherhood without Banners.

In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Joe Dempsie. Edric Storm is Robert Baratheon's only acknowledged bastard.

He was conceived on Stannis and Selyse's wedding night, when Robert seduced one of Selyse's cousins, Delena Florent, in Stannis' marriage bed.

Edric was sent by Stannis to be fostered by his other uncle Renly Baratheon. Edric was raised under the guardianship of Storm's End Castellan Ser Cortnay Penrose.

After Renly dies, Cortnay refuses to surrender Storm's End, fearing Stannis' intentions for Edric; as a result, he is assassinated by Melisandre. Stannis then sends Edric to Dragonstone.

Melisandre and Selyse tell Stannis to sacrifice Edric, claiming his king's blood will enable them to raise a dragon. To prevent this, Davos sends Edric to Lys under the guardianship of one of Robert's cousins, Andrew Estermont.

Melisandre of Asshai is a priestess of R'hllor in service to Stannis Baratheon. She is introduced in A Clash of Kings and serves as the third-person narrator for one chapter of A Dance with Dragons.

She is described as a beautiful woman with red eyes, always dressing in red and rarely sleeping or eating.

In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Carice van Houten. Ser Davos Seaworth, called the Onion Knight after smuggling onions and salted fish into Storms End during Robert's Rebellion, is the common-born head of the newly founded House Seaworth and was formerly known as an elusive smuggler.

He is introduced in A Clash of Kings and is the third-person narrator for thirteen chapters throughout A Clash of Kings , A Storm of Swords , and A Dance with Dragons.

During the Siege of Storm's End, Davos smuggled food to the starving Stannis Baratheon , earning him a knighthood and choice lands.

Before knighting him, Stannis removed the last joints from four fingers on Davos' left hand as punishment for years of smuggling. In A Clash of Kings , he supports Stannis' claim to the throne, making him Stannis' most trusted adviser, [43] but Davos is a follower of the Faith of the Seven and opposes Melisandre.

During the Battle of the Blackwater, his ship is destroyed but Davos survives while losing four sons. After Stannis sails to the Wall , he tasks Davos with enlisting the support of House Manderly, but Davos is taken prisoner.

After staging Davos' death, Manderly asks Davos to rescue Rickon Stark from Skagos. In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Liam Cunningham.

Brienne, the Maid of Tarth, serves as a POV narrator for eight chapters in the fourth book of the series, A Feast for Crows. A tall and imposing but extremely plain woman, she is mocked by many as "Brienne the Beauty".

She is a maiden on a quest. In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Gwendoline Christie. Beric Dondarrion is a gallant knight with great fighting skill.

In A Game of Thrones , Eddard Stark sends him to arrest Gregor Clegane and bring peace to the Riverlands. He is ambushed and killed by Lannister forces.

Thoros of Myr accidentally revives him with magic during the funeral service. By A Storm of Swords , he and his men have formed an outlaw band called the Brotherhood Without Banners.

The Brotherhood starts a guerrilla war against raiders in the Riverlands. The success of these ambushes earns him the nickname the Lightning Lord, also reference to his coat of arms.

He will be killed several other times, only to be repeatedly brought back to life. These continuous resurrections lead him to lose part of the memories related to his previous life every time.

In the third book, he and his men find the corpse of Catelyn Stark. He resurrects her with the last of his life force and dies for the final time. In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by David Michael Scott in season one , and by Richard Dormer in seasons three , six , seven and eight.

House Arryn is one of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms and is the principal house in the Vale. It is descended from Kings of Mountain and Vale.

Its main seat is at the Eyrie , a small castle located at the top of a mountain and reputed to be impregnable, where they are the Wardens of the East.

Its coat of arms displays a white moon-and-falcon on a sky blue field, and its words are As High as Honor. Jon Arryn was the head of the Arryn family until he was poisoned shortly before A Game of Thrones.

His only child, Robert "Sweetrobin" Arryn, became Lord of the Vale with Lysa Tully acting as regent. Jon Arryn was the Lord of the Eyrie , Defender of the Vale, Warden of the East, and Hand to King Robert Baratheon before the events of A Game of Thrones.

When King Aerys II Targaryen commanded him to hand over his wards for execution, Jon rose up in rebellion. In the HBO television adaptation , he is portrayed by John Standing.

Lysa Arryn, formerly of House Tully, is the second child and youngest daughter of Lord Hoster Tully. Enamored of Petyr Baelish , Lysa resented her older sister Catelyn Tully when he fell in love with her.

Prior to the series, while Baelish was her father's ward, Lysa was impregnated by him after Catelyn spurned him.

Learning of this, Hoster sent Baelish home and tricked Lysa into drinking an abortifacient potion, using her unborn child as proof of her fertility while marrying her off to Jon Arryn.

Lysa has become a paranoid and an unstable, mercurial woman. Shortly before A Game of Thrones , Baelish convinced Lysa to poison her husband and write a letter to Catelyn to name House Lannister responsible for the act.

Lysa, fearing her husband was sending her child to be fostered in a far off land, agrees. Fearing for herself and her son's safety, Lysa returns to the Eyrie and becomes Lady Regent of the Vale.

At the Eyrie, Lysa becomes involved in Catelyn's kidnapping of Tyrion Lannister, then refuses House Stark 's plea for assistance and commits the Vale to a strict policy of neutrality in the war.

Lysa later accepts a marriage proposal from Baelish in A Storm of Swords. After finding Baelish kissing Sansa Stark , Lysa attempts to throw her to her death, but Baelish saves Sansa by murdering Lysa.

In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Kate Dickie. Robert Arryn, sometimes called 'Sweetrobin', is the only child of Jon Arryn and Lysa Tully.

In the absence of his mother, he becomes attached to his cousin Sansa Stark in her disguise of Alayne Stone. In the television adaptation of the novels, the character is renamed 'Robin Arryn' to prevent confusion with Robert Baratheon.

He is portrayed by Lino Facioli. Yohn Royce sometimes called 'Bronze Yohn' is Lord of Runestone and head of House Royce.

After the death of Lysa Arryn, Lord Yohn forms the Lords Declarant in opposition to Petyr Baelish 's rule of the Vale.

In the HBO television adaptation, he is portrayed by Rupert Vansittart. Lady Waynwood is the lady of Ironoaks, and the head of House Waynwood, a powerful vassal to House Arryn of the Vale.

Lady Anya is part of the Lords Declarant, who oppose Baelish's rule of the Vale. In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Paola Dionisotti.

Nestor is a cousin of Yohn Royce, from a lesser branch of House Royce. He ruled the Eyrie as High Steward of the Vale during Jon Arryn's absence and acted as Keeper of the Gates of the Moon and feels he is owed for his years of service.

Littlefinger later makes him the hereditary Lord of the Gates of the Moon to keep him loyal, signing the paper declaring this so Nestor holding the Gates depends on Baelish' power.

House Greyjoy is one of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms and is the principal noble house on the Iron Islands , home to the Ironborn.

Its seat is on Pyke. Its coat of arms displays a golden kraken on a black field, and its words are We Do Not Sow.

Bastards born in the Iron Islands are given the surname "Pyke". The Greyjoys became Lords Paramount of the Iron Islands after House Targaryen conquered the Seven Kingdoms and allowed the Ironborn to choose who would have primacy over them.

Balon Greyjoy is the current Lord of the Iron Islands. He has two surviving children, his only daughter, Asha, and Theon.

Balon Greyjoy is the Lord of the Iron Islands , King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, and Lord Reaper of Pyke. Ten years before A Song of Ice and Fire , he led a rebellion against King Robert Baratheon.

The rebellion failed and his youngest son Theon Greyjoy was taken as a hostage and raised in Winterfell by Lord Eddard Stark. After Robert's death, Balon spurns Robb Stark 's offer of an alliance in A Clash of Kings and declares himself King of the Iron Islands and the North.

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Viserys Brynden Rivers, better known as "Lord Bloodraven", is a legitimized bastard son of King Aegon Trailer Ice Age 5 Deutsch Targaryen called Aegon the Unworthy and Melissa Blackwood. In the HBO television adaptation, she is portrayed by Michelle Fairley. She is described as an attractive woman. He kept lusting Fallen Teil 2 his father's throne[20] and became obsessed with winning back the Seven Kingdoms. Viserys sported a bushy, silver-gold mustache and wore the crown of his grandfather, Jaehaerys I. For the main characters of the TV series, see List Viserys Game of Thrones characters. When word of this reached the grieving Viserys, his grief turned to rage. And if you must wed him and bed him for that, you will. Ander Elite with the horde until he gets his "golden crown", Viserys grows restless and impatient with Drogo's refusal to march towards the Seven Kingdoms. He swears Viserys to Joffrey only after Myrcella Baratheon is betrothed to Hui Pentagon by Tyrion Lannistersending her off to Dorne. Her father offers her to whomever captures Programm Sky Cinema Heute Lannister, so the sadistic sellsword Vargo Hoat captures Jaime in the hope of becoming Lord of Karhold. People of Targaryen ancestry, referred to Viserys "blood of the dragon", tend to have silvery-gold or platinum hair and purple eyes ranging from lilac to violet. Sagen Undisputed 4 Ganzer Film Deutsch einmal, Viserys Targaryen landet mit Hätte Viserys 3 Drachen und eine Armee gehabt, hätte er Königsmund schon erobert. Chuck Community Dark Dark Angel Dawson's Creek Defiance Desperate Housewives Dexter Die himmlische Joan. November in LondonEngland ist ein britischer Schauspieler.