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Auffallend ist, auch von Deutschland aus auf das amerikanische Netflix-Angebot zugreifen! Demnach werde die 27-Jhrige noch in diesem Jahr die Soap verlassen, whrend Claire und ihr Gatte ihr Sexleben durch Rollenspielchen aufpeppen. Ursprnglich ist Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc bereits vor etwa fnf Jahren fr Sonys Handheld PSP erschienen?

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Episodenguide der US-Serie Glee mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Throwdown · Spielverderberspiele, 1x08, Mash-Up. Trotzdem bestellte CBS nach dem Pilotfilm erst dreizehn, dann noch einmal neun und zum Schluß schließlich noch zwei Episoden. Trotzdem hing MASH Woche. – imfernsehen GmbH & Co. KG –​/episodenguide. * Transparenzhinweis: Für gekennzeichnete Links erhalten.

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Dies ist eine chronologische Liste aller Episoden von M*A*S*H. Sie enthält Trapper macht bei einem Boxturnier der MASH-Camps mit, um die Versetzung. – imfernsehen GmbH & Co. KG –​/episodenguide. * Transparenzhinweis: Für gekennzeichnete Links erhalten. Episodenführer Season 1 – Sie sind eine wilde Truppe und für jeden abgedrehten Spaß zu haben – die Mitarbeiter von „M.A.S.H: die Chirurgen Trapper und .

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MASH cast then and now 2020 How the actors changed

MASH - Episodenguide Gehe zu: Staffel 11 S10 S09 S08 S07 S06 S05 S04 S03 S02 S Staffel Die Staffel der Sitcom MASH aus dem Jahr mit Alan Alda und Loretta Swit. Bewerte diese /10(). The receives a patient who is a bumbler at the front but regular gourmet in the mess tent. The surgical staff try and convince Potter to keep him but he flatly refuses. 9/17/ · Created by Larry Gelbart. With Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr. The staff of an Army hospital in the Korean War find that laughter is the best way to deal with their situation.

Regie führte Harry Morgan nach einem Drehbuch von Elias Davis und David Pollock. Die Episode "Ein fabelhafter Gedanke" ist die Die Episode "Die härteste Realität" ist die Regie führte Alan Alda nach einem Drehbuch von John Rappaport und Alan Alda.

Staffel 8. Die Episode "Ehe - und Gaumenfreuden" ist die 1. Episode der 8. Die Episode "Die rote Gefahr" ist die 2.

Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von Thad Mumford und Dan Wilcox. Die Episode "Zu allem bereit" ist die 3. Regie führte Alan Alda nach einem Drehbuch von Bob Colleary.

Die Episode "Leb' wohl, Radar 1 " ist die 4. Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von Ken Levine und David Isaacs. Die Episode "Leb' wohl, Radar 2 " ist die 5.

Die Episode "Krank vor Heimweh" ist die 6. Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von Jim Mulligan und John Rappaport. Die Episode "Es war der Priester" ist die 7.

Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von Sy Rosen, Thad Mumford und Dan Wilcox. Die Episode "Wundersame Wege" ist die 8.

Die Episode "Wer, was, wann, wo? Regie führte Burt Metcalfe nach einem Drehbuch von Ronny Graham. Die Episode "War's der Truthahn? Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von Mike Farrell.

Die Episode "Um Leben und Tod" ist die Regie führte Alan Alda nach einem Drehbuch von Alan Alda und Walter D. Die Episode "Machen Sie Witze?

Regie führte William Jurgensen nach einem Drehbuch von John Rappaport und Jim Mulligan. Die Episode "Bescheidenheit ist, wenn Regie führte Burt Metcalfe nach einem Drehbuch von Thad Mumford und Dan Wilcox.

Die Episode "Solo oder Team? Regie führte Harry Morgan nach einem Drehbuch von Dennis Koenig. Die Episode "Wohin mit dem Baby?

Regie führte Alan Alda nach einem Drehbuch von Jim Mulligan. Die Episode "Gin, Scotch und Cognac" ist die Die Episode "Heile dich selbst" ist die Regie führte Mike Farrell nach einem Drehbuch von Dennis Koenig.

Die Episode "Alte Kameraden" ist die Die Episode "Hebt die Moral! Die Episode "Siamesische Chirurgen" ist die Die Episode "Alibabas Freudenhaus" ist die Charles finds a new chess opponent.

S8, Ep4. As Radar returns from leave, the camp struggles with a total loss of electricity due to a malfunctioning generator and a stolen backup.

S8, Ep5. Although Radar is granted a hardship discharge, the camp's difficulties make him seriously consider staying. Klinger begins taking over the company clerk job.

S8, Ep6. S8, Ep7. The senior staff's attempt to help a nurse enter medical school to become a doctor is complicated by her unwanted romantic advances towards Father Mulcahy.

Only Charles is unaffected by a drought and water shortage. S8, Ep8. Pierce deals with a dead soldier's ill-gotten gains, while a Korean mama attacks Klinger for dishonoring her daughter.

S8, Ep9. Once again Hawkeye must go up against authority in order to help a patient, this time a wounded Korean woman.

While Hawkeye is intent on taking care of her, a ROK officer is more concerned with any information she may have concerning guerillas.

Radar is also unable to find one, and then he is informed by Colonel Potter that his Uncle Ed has passed away, and he will be given a hardship discharge and sent home.

Eventually Radar decides that his place is at home, after a talk with Colonel Potter, and the camp plans a big going-away party, but it is ruined when wounded arrive.

Radar says goodbye to everyone, and Hawkeye gives him a salute from the OR. Meanwhile, B. This gets B. After he begins to help her study medical texts, Father Mulcahy finds that the ambitious and pretty Nurse Harris has the wrong idea about their relationship.

She wants to be a doctor when the war is over, and he was helping her out. As it turns out, he got married! The rest of the camp, in the meantime, wrestles with a lethal epidemic of hemorrhagic fever.

On their way back to the th, Hawkeye and B. A soldier needs a major operation to save his life, and the th has roughly 20 minutes before they must perform the operation.

At the same time, another soldier lies dying, and his aorta could provide a needed graft for the other soldier. Hawkeye and the other doctors work to keep the first soldier alive while waiting for the other to die.

Klinger tries to find time to write a letter to his uncle while at the same time doing everything for just about everyone, seeing as he is company clerk.

After they jointly saved the life of a wounded soldier, B. Margaret, meanwhile, is surprised to get a visit from Scully, a frontline soldier.

After Colonel Potter is stricken with the mumps, and then Charles, a replacement surgeon is called in. Newsome, the replacement surgeon, is both a roundabout nice guy and a fantastic doctor.

After a mysterious trip to Tokyo, Colonel Potter returns to the th somewhat depressed, but nobody can figure out why, until Potter calls his officers into his tent and shares a toast with them to his buddies from an earlier war who have passed away.

While Potter was in Tokyo, Hawkeye was in charge, and he was forced to deal with a group of South Koreans, made up of mostly children, in need of medical attention.

The soldier was a concert pianist before the war. Attempting to set things right, Charles sends for piano music that was written by a soldier who lost his arm during the first World War.

After 48 hours with little sleep, the th is greatly fatigued, and the few hours of fitful sleep they can catch are filled with dreams of the war, revealing their fears and feelings of lack of fulfillment.

Back at the th, Charles has challenged Colonel Potter to a bridge tournament, and B. Various members of the camp respond to the letters, Hawkeye gets an emotional letter from one boy whose brother was killed in the war, and Charles is so moved by the letter he gets that instead of writing back he records one.

While working on putting down a new cement floor in the OR, Margaret must deal with a Italian corpsman named Ignazio who attempts to woo her, to no avail.

As Christmas Day passes them by, B. As re-upping time rolls around, Klinger gets news from Toledo that his ex-wife will marry his best friend.

Shattered by the news, he decides to re-up for another six years, while at the same time a male nurse is upset at the way he was treated by the army for being a male nurse.

While Charles handles command of the th in the absence of Colonel Potter, Hawkeye and B. While Colonel Potter does his best to find a painkiller he can use when he is notified that the army will soon be banning the current one in use, Hawkeye attempts to get dates with various nurses through the use of an antiqued bottle of wine.

Klinger begins to take advantage of this arrangement, while B. After they are accidentally given a shipment of over half a million tongue depressors, Hawkeye decides to document this error by erecting a huge tower, made out of tongue depressors.

Klinger writes about it, Colonel Potter paints it, and in the end, Hawkeye makes one final gesture with it. While Hawkeye attempts to make it one day without joking, Charles is finally able to lock horns with Colonel Horace Baldwin, the man who sent him to Korea.

Baldwin offers a return to Tokyo, but at a price even Charles is not willing to pay — friendship. The camp plans a surprise anniversary party for B.

While Father Mulcahy anxiously awaits the visit of a Cardinal, Hawkeye is deeply affected at the friendship between a critically ill soldier and one with leukemia.

Colonel Potter is worried at the way Radar sounds in a letter from Ottumwa, while the rest of the th enjoys a gift from a Korean woman; fresh veggies.

Charles is almost killed by a sniper, and afterward becomes obsessed with death, spending time with soldiers who faced death, and trying to find out what one soldier who actually died for a few moments saw while deceased.

A USO show comes to the th, bringing excitement and fun, at least until one of the stars of the show is in need of an emergency operation. Hawkeye writes to Harry Truman trying to end the war, and everyone else works to pretty up the camp so they can get a water heater from a colonel who would only deliver it if the came looks better.

After Klinger buys a camera on the black market that was stolen from Hawkeye, he is arrested and charged with the theft of other things stolen from the th.

Colonel Potter comes up with a plan to keep the holiday spirits high after Christmas; have the enlisted men and the officers switch jobs for a day.

Klinger, running a high fever, is able to communicate with the spirit of the late Private Weston, who stays to see his own last rites.

Margaret has her birthday ruined when the jeep she is riding in, driven by Klinger, is damaged and they are left at the side of the road, so Klinger tries to raise her spirits.

Back at the th, Charles must give a lecture Margaret was supposed to give, and Hawkeye and the other doctors help deliver a calf.

War correspondent Clayton Kibbee stops by the th, and Hawkeye is outraged at the way he portrays dangerous acts pulled by some of the soldiers as heroic deeds.

Charles turns out to be afraid of going to a dentist, even when he develops a painful toothache. Colonel Potter has lost faith in his surgical aptitude, so he calls Sidney Freedman, and Charles has finally had enough with the way Hawkeye and B.

Hawkeye writes a will after being sent to help out at an aid station that comes under intense shelling.

He leaves various things to his friends at the th and others. The doctors must decide which of the enlisted men most deserve a promotion, but some of the enlisted are more adamant about getting their promotion than others.

Colonel Potter almost goes off his rocker with rage when he is unable to get his officers to settle down for a sitting so he can paint a portrait of them.

Hawkeye must re-evaluate how he sees the nurses at the th after he observes Nurse Kellye comforting a dying soldier, while Margaret gains an iron hand when a Colonel come to inspect the nurses.

Charles must also deal with a Marine who got a pool ball stuck in his mouth, Father Mulcahy brings a dead soldier back to life, and the camp tells spooky stories.

September bis zum 2. Juni bis zum 7. Dezember Die Erstausstrahlung der dritten Staffel war vom Dezember bis zum Januar Die Erstausstrahlung der vierten Staffel war vom Februar auf dem US-amerikanischen Sender CBS zu sehen.

After Klinger and Soon-Lee marry and leave the camp in traditional Korean style, the other members of the company depart one by one.

By now, the camp is a ghost town. Father Mulcahy leaves to start a new life ministering to the deaf. Hot Lips is kissed and hugged.

Even her disagreement with Charles is reconciled. Charles himself exits with Rizzo in a garbage truck. Colonel Potter takes Sophie for one last ride before the orphanage adopts her.

Finally, B. As Hawkeye looks down over the desolate camp, he sees a message B. Klinger [ seasons , recurring previously ] Mike Farrell as Captain B.

Hunnicutt [ seasons 4 - 11 ] Harry Morgan as Colonel Sherman T. Potter [ seasons 4 - 11 ] William Christopher as Captain Father John Francis Patrick Mulcahy [ seasons 5 - 11, recurring previously ] David Ogden Stiers as Major Charles Emerson Winchester III [ seasons 6 - 11 ] recurring characters: Sal Viscuso as Voice of the P.

Announcer uncredited Patrick Adiarte as Ho-Jon [ season 1 ] Timothy Jones as Lt. Oliver Harmon 'Spearchucker' Jones [ season 1 ] Odessa Cleveland as Lt.

Ginger Bayliss [ seasons 1 - 3 ] Linda Meiklejohn as Lt. Leslie Scorch [ season 1 ] Karen Philipp as Lt. Maggie Dish [ season 1 ] Marcia Strassman as Lt.

Margie Cutler [ season 1 ] Herb Voland as General Brandon Clayton [ seasons 1 - 2 ] Gene Wood as General Hamilton Hammond [ season 1 ] John Orchard as 'Ugly' John [ season 1 ] Kelly Jean Peters as Nurse Louise Anderson [ season 1 ] Allan Arbus as Dr.

Sidney Freedman [ seasons 2 - 11 ] Johnny Haymer as Sergeant Zelmo Zale [ seasons 2 - 7 ] Jeff Maxwell as Pt.

Igor Straminsky [ seasons 2 - 11 ] Robert F. Simon as General Maynard M. Bailey as Sergeant Luther Rizzo [ seasons 8 - 11 ].

Kirby Jr. This was the first of 38 episodes, which he wrote or co-wrote. He provided two other storyline and directed 6 episodes. His last episode, both as writer and director was episode Reynolds, too, was a major force behind the series.

This was the first of 22 episodes which he directed, his last being episode He also wrote or co-wrote 6 episodes and provided a further six storylines.

Johnson [ Truck Driver ] rc: Hammond, Ginger After black marketers hijack the th's supply of hydrocortisone, Hawkeye and Trapper concoct a deal with a local black marketer, Charlie Lee, to get some more.

His last was episode Swackhamer NOTE: This is the first of three appearances by Bob Gooden as Boone. The last appearance is episode Jones ] rc: Ho-Jon, Spearchucker, Ugly John, Scorch Sergeant Baker arrives at the camp with his Moose.

This was the first of 28 episodes written or co-written by Laurence Marks. Duane William Bricker ], Bert Kramer [ Sergeant Martin ], Tom Sparks [ Corpsman ] rc: Margie, Clayton The army, at General Clayton's request, make a documentary about the th.

The other appearance is in episode This was the first of 16 episodes directed by Don Weis. Barbara Bannerman ] rc: Ho-Jon, Scorch, Ugly John, Spearchucker, Mulcahy, Ginger A rash of thefts breaks out in the camp.

The last is episode This is the first of 7 appearances by Byron Chung, as various characters. His last appearance is in episode Barbara Bannerman ], Lizabeth Deen [ Becky ], Gary Van Orman [ Corporal ], Bill Katt [ P.

O'Brien ], Barbara Brownell [ Lt. Jones ], Jerry Harper [ Sergeant ] rc: Anderson, Margie Radar gets a Dear John recording from home.

He also made two appearances in the series. Nancy Griffin ] rc: Mulcahy Frank throws his back out whilst spending the evening with Margaret, and ends up in traction.

The last appearance is in episode His last was the final episode. Zee [ Sturner ], Sheila Lauritsen [ Nurse Hardy ]. This is the first of 4 appearances by Sheila Lauritsen as various Nurses.

The last will be episode This is the first of 15 appearances by Bobbie Mitchell, as various Nurses.

Thompson ], Bonnie Jones [ Lt. Barbara Bannerman ], Lynnette Mettey [ Lt. Nancy Griffin ] rc: Ugly John Hawkeye and Frank argue over Frank's surgical ability.

Dobbs" gs: Harvey J. Goldenberg [ Captain George Kaplan ] rc: Ginger Frank upsets Ginger, so Hawkeye puts his arm in a cast while he is asleep.

Gilbert ], Bonnie Jones [ Lt. Nancy Griffin ] rc: Clayton, Klinger, Mulcahy, Ho-Jon, Margie, Ginger General Clayton calls so say that a ceasefire is to be declared.

The first was episode Goldenberg [ Captain George Kaplan ], Stanley Clay [ Driver ], Sheila Lauritson [ Nurse ], Oksun Kim [ Korean Woman ], The Miller Sisters Marilyn King, Jean Turrell, Joan Lucksinger [ Themselves ] rc: Mulcahy, Ugly John Captain Kaplan is to be shipped home, but becomes paranoid that something will happen to him before he leaves.

Back to TOP of Page TO Title List 2nd Season "Divided We Stand" gs: Anthony Holland [ Captain Philip Hildebrand ], Leslie Evans [ Nurse Bryan ], Bobbie Mitchell [ Nurse Marshall ] rc: Klinger, Clayton, Scorch, Ginger General Clayton assigns a psychiatrist, Captain Hildebrand to examine the th.

Erika Johnson ], Tom Dever [ Unknown ], Derick Shimatsu [ Wounded Korean ] rc: Sidney, Mulcahy, Klinger Radar writes the weekly activity report.

His final appearance is in the final episode. This is the first of 6 appearances by Tom Dever, in various roles.

The last appearance is in the final episode; however, she can often be seen in other episodes, in a non-speaking role.

Pierce and Mr. Hyde" gs: Buck Young [ O'Brien, the Chopper pilot ], Jackie Cooper [ Unknown ] rc: Clayton Hawkeye has been in non-stop surgery for 3 straight days without sleep, and the wounded keep coming.

Local Indigenous Personnel " gs: Corinne Camacho [ Lt. Regina Hoffman ], Burt Young [ Lt. Willis ], Jerry Zaks [ Corporal Phil Walker ] rc: Klinger, Mulcahy, Ginger Corporal Walker is being sent home, and he wants to marry his Korean girl so she and their baby can return with him.

From episode 53 he appears as a recurring character, not always called Roy, but ostensibly he is him, so he has been listed as such from there on. Three" gs: Mills Watson [ Pt.

Condon ], Sivi Aberg [ Anna Lindstrom ], Arthur Abelson [ Milt Jaffe ], Kathleen Hughes [ Lorraine Blake ], Louise Vienne [ Sylvia Jaffe ], Bobbie Mitchell [ Nurse Gilbert ] rc: Klinger, Ginger, Mulcahy Once more Hawkeye writes home to his father: the doctors operate on a soldier with a grenade shot into his body; Hawkeye and Trapper colour the skin of a racist patient, who demanded the right colour blood, while he is asleep; Henry gets a movie of his daughters birthday from home; the officers hold the monthly staff meeting.

Suzanne Marquette ], Marcia Gelman [ Nurse ], Dennis Troy [ Ambulance Driver ] A lone sniper has the th pinned down - including Radar and Henry in the shower.

Powell d: Jackie Cooper NOTE: This is the first of 15 appearances by Dennis Troy, in various roles. However, he can often be seen in other episodes, in a non-speaking role.

Rogers ], Jerry Fujikawa [ Hwang ], Edward Winter [ Captain Halloran ], John Ritter [ Pt. Carter ], Gwen Farrell [ Nurse ] rc: Sidney, Klinger Sidney Freedman comes to the camp, and joins in the poker game at The Swamp.

This is the first of 7 appearances by Jerry Fujikawa, in various roles. The last is in episode Kellye Nakahara appeared as a recurring character, Nurse Kellye, in 50 episodes, between episodes 54 and the finale.

However, she also appeared in 5 other episodes, as various nurses, this being the first. The other 4 episodes were numbers 44, 60, 64 and This is the first of 15 appearances by Patricia Stevens, as various nurses.

Surgeon ], Todd Susman [ Pt. Danny Baker ], Patricia Stevens [ Nurse Mitchell ], Lou Elias [ M. Sergeant ], Bobbie Mitchell [ Nurse Lyons ] rc: Mulcahy Private Baker, who is always going AWOL, is desperate for plastic surgery on his nose.

Michael Harper ], Jay Jay Jue [ Boy ], Jerry Fujikawa [ Father ], Bobbie Mitchell [ Nurse Lyons ] rc: Mulcahy A Korean family set up camp in the middle of the compound.

George Weston ], George Simmons [ Simmons ], Patricia Stevens [ Nurse Stevens ], Bobbie Mitchell [ Nurse Mitchell ] rc: Mulcahy Burns tries to slap a dishonorable discharge on a decorated soldier who admits to being a homosexual, Private Weston.

Back to TOP of Page TO Title List 3rd Season "The General Flipped at Dawn" gs: Harry Morgan [ General Bartford Hamilton Steele ], Teddy Wilson [ Marty Williams ], Brad Trumbull [ Colonel Atkins ], Dennis Erdman [ Harrison ], Lynnette Mettey [ Nurse Baker ] rc: Klinger, Mulcahy Even Klinger thinks General Steele is nuts when he mistakes Klinger for his wife, Marjorie.

He won an Emmy for this performance. This is the first of 24 episodes written by Fritzell and Greenbaum, the last being episode Lin Tam ], Leland Sun [ Mr.

Kwang ], Bobbie Mitchell [ Nurse ], Loudon Wainwright III [ Captain Calvin Spalding ] rc: Klinger, Mulcahy As Hawkeye and Trapper are planning to leave for Tokyo, an unusual offer to swap POW patients between the Chinese and the th comes in.

This is the first of 6 appearances by Leland Sun, in various roles, the last in episode This is the first of 4 appearances by Mako, as various characters.

This is the first of 10 appearances by Richard Lee Sung, in various roles. Kwok ], Alberta Jay [ Anesthetist ], Dennis Troy [ 2nd G. Kwang ] rc: Klinger, Mulcahy, Sidney, Ginger, Goldman The OR is filled with more wounded than the unit can handle.

Kwang ] rc: Klinger, Mulcahy The nurses are evacuated when the threat of an enemy parachute drop arises. Smith ], Sirri Murad [ Turkish Soldier ], Curt Lowens [ Colonel Blanche ], Michael Keller [ Lt.

LeClerq ], Kellye Nakahara [ Nurse Able ] rc: Klinger Hawkeye records a letter to his dad, detailing the exploits of a mad Turkish soldier who calls Hawkeye a "damn good Joe," the unfortunate loss of the corpse of a Luxembourg soldier who turns out not to be dead , Lt.

Hess d: Gene Reynolds NOTE: Margaret does not appear in this episode. Anthony Borelli ], Joseph Maher [ Major Taylor ], Tad Horino [ Bartender ] rc: Mulcahy Dr.

The second appearance is in episode Kwang ], Dennis Dugan [ Danny McShane ], Jerry Fujikawa [ Dr. Pak ], Pat Li [ Soong Hi ], Robert Gruber [ Sergeant ], Jeanne Joe [ Mrs.

Kwang ] rc: Mulcahy, Goldman Hawkeye and Trapper prevent a GI from marrying a call girl who has TB, whilst trying to help a Korean soldier join his pregnant wife.

This was the first of 4 appearances by Soon-Teck Oh, in various roles. The last appearance was in episode Kwang ], George Holloway, George Simmons, Pat Marshall [ Lt.

Nelson ] rc: Klinger, Mulcahy, Zale Frank buys two sets of Pearl's, one for Margaret and one for his wife. Salcido [ Rodriquez ], Daniel Thorpe [ Morris ] rc: Klinger, Mulcahy, Flagg Colonel Flagg blows into camp trying to obtain penicillin to barter for information.

It worked. From the following season on, Jamie Farr, as Klinger, was listed as a regular cast member, and so no longer appears as a recurring character.

This was the last of his 30 appearances as a recurring character. Back to TOP of Page TO Title List 4th Season "Welcome to Korea 1 " gs: Reid Cruickshanks [ Staff Sergeant ], Tom Dever [ M.

Chivers ] rc: Mulcahy Its quid pro quo at the th: two bottles of Scotch for secret surgery, and a tank to scare off snipers for an unauthorized shot of penicillin.

Hess d: Gene Reynolds NOTE: Neither Margaret or Klinger appear in this episode. He also co-wrote two episodes and appeared in one.

O'Reilly ] rc: Mulcahy Mail brings a letter to Frank saying his wife is divorcing him, and one to Potter telling him he's going to be a grandfather.

Coner ], Lynnette Mettey [ Nurse Able ], Richard Lee Sung [ Auction Bidder ], Ray Poss rc: Mulcahy Frank tries to distinguish himself by selling the camp garbage, but it's Hawkeye who finds a use for it: he dumps it on a troublesome Colonel Coner.

This is the first of 9 episodes directed by Harry Morgan. Owens ], Michael A. Salcido [ Unknown ], Alba Francesca [ Unknown ] The th turns up a sick helicopter pilot, 'Smilin' Jack, who doesn't want to quit, and a twice-wounded GI who does.

Dubin NOTE: This is the first of 44 episodes directed by Charles S. This was the first of two appearances by Clete Roberts, as himself.

This was Gelbart's last episode with the series. He had finally decided that there was little more he could add to the series.

Back to TOP of Page TO Title List 5th Season "Bug Out 1 " gs: Richard Lee Sung [ Cho Man Chin ], Frances Fong [ Rosie ], Don Eitner [ Captain ], Barry Cahill [ Helicopter Pilot ], Peter Zapp [ Unknown ], James Lough [ Enlisted Man ], Eileen Saki [ Korean Woman ], Ko-Ko Tani [ Unknown ] After a rumor grows out of proportion, the th moves out, assured that the Chinese are about to attack.

Eileen Saki appears here as a Korean Woman, but between episodes and she appears 7 times as Rosie, the bar owner. Gage ] rc: Kellye, Bigelow While fixing a stove that explodes, Hawkeye's face is badly burned.

This is the last of 15 appearances by Bobbie Mitchell, as various Nurses. This is the first of 7 appearances by Judy Farrell, as Nurse Able.

Her last appearance is in the final episode; however, she often appears in a non-speaking role in other episodes. Radar O'Reilly" gs: Sandy Kenyon [ Master Sergeant Woodruff ], Raymond Chao [ Korean Boy ], Lynne Marie Stewart [ Nurse Baker ] rc: Zale, Igor Following an offer of promotion made by Master Sergeant Woodruff at a poker game, Radar is promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

Tony Baker ], Mary Jo Catlett [ Nurse Mary Jo Walsh ], Carol Lawson Locatell [ Nurse Gaynor ], Patricia Sturges [ Nurse Preston ] When Hot Lips confines Nurse Baker to her quarters, little does she know that Baker's husband has arrived in the camp.

Andrew Kenny [ Patient ], Jennifer Davis [ Nurse ] rc: Sidney Sidney Freedman, feeling depressed, visits the th to observe how they fare under the pressures of war.

She also appeared in non-speaking roles in other episodes. Her last appearance was in the final episode. Syn Paik ], Robert Ito [ North Korean ], Larry Hama [ North Korean ], Richard Russell Ramos [ Unknown ], Dennis Troy [ Unknown ] When Dr.

Burke ] rc: Sidney After Hawkeye bemoans the young age of the wounded, he appears to develop problems. Tippi Brooks ], Ron Kohlman [ Shapiro ], Momo Yashima [ Korean Mother ], Bill Shinkal [ Chinese Patient ], Rex Knowles [ American Patient ], Gwen Farrell [ Anaesthetist ] Befuddled by a crossword puzzle, Hawkeye persuades Potter to get his old friend Tippy Brooks, a whiz at puzzles, brought to camp.

Colonel Harold Becket ], Sachito Penny Lee [ Soony ], Robert Phalen [ Blanchard ] rc: Goldman, Bigelow Lieutenant Colonel Harold Beckett lies wounded in post-op waiting to get back to the front for thirty more days of combat duty to get his promotion.

Green [ Medic ], James Lough [ Felix Kornhaus ], Greg Mabrey [ Wounded Soldier ], Tom Tarpey [ Battalion Surgeon ] rc: Zale Billy Tyler, a young black sergeant, is brought into camp with a bullet wound in the leg.

Hess d: Harry Morgan "Hanky Panky" gs: Ann Sweeney [ Nurse Carrie Donovan ] Nurse Carrie Donovan receives a "Dear Jane" letter from her husband, and practically falls apart.

Ernie Connors ], Scott Mulhem [ Andy Cooper ], Jun Kim [ Korean Woman ], Crandal Jue [ Korean Boy ], Alvin Kim [ Korean Boy ] Korean children and American soldiers are often badly wounded when they hunt for souvenirs which the enemy have booby-trapped.

Garvin ], Andrew Bloch [ Pt. Gordon ], John-Anthony Bailey [ Pt. Whitney ], Daniel Zippe [ Pt. Corey ], Zito Gazzan [ Sergeant Attias ], Judy Farrell [ Nurse Able ] rc: Kellye In the midst of a deluge of patients and their individual medical histories, the th is out of blood.

Colonel Donald Penobscott ], Judy Farrell [ Nurse Able ], Patricia Stevens [ Nurse Baker ], Lynne Marie Stewart [ Nurse Clark ], Ray Poss rc: Kelly, Ginger Prompted by pressure from Frank, Hot Lips sets a date for her marriage to Donald Penobscott.

The first appearance was in episode Back to TOP of Page TO Title List 6th Season "Fade Out, Fade In 1 " gs: Kimiko Hiroshige [ Korean Woman ], James Lough [ Driver ], Raymond Singer [ Dr.

Dubin NOTE: Radar does not appear in this episode. Kim ], Noel Toy [ Unknown ], Glen Ash [ Sergeant Maxwell ], Richard Lee Sung [ Unknown ], Tom Dever [ Corporal Boone ], Peter Riegert [ Igor ] rc: Zale Charles plans a scheme to get rich when he discovers that blue scrip is going to be exchanged for red.

Judy Farrell [ Nurse Able ], Rebecca Taylor [ Nurse Campbell ], Carmine Scelza [ G. Colonel Donald Penobscott ], Michael McManus [ Sergeant Ames ] Realizing how out of shape the th is, Potter decides to hold a camp Olympic competition.

This was the first of 4 appearances by James Saito, in various roles. It is slightly unusual for a two-part episode, as this and the previous episode are, to be directed by two separate people.

Normally they are filmed as one episode but edited into two. Shin ], Brenda Thomson [ Nurse Campbell ], Harry Gold [ Cohen ], Patricia Stevens [ Nurse Baker ] rc: Zale In need of a special surgical clamp, Hawkeye and B.

Here, he also appears as a drunken blood donor. Martinson ], Lois Foraker [ Nurse Bell ], Kurt Andon [ Sergeant Whitkow ], Phyllis Katz [ Nurse ] Hot Lips, believing herself to be pregnant, asks Hawkeye to test her.

Dubin "Temporary Duty" gs: George Lindsey [ Captain Rou Dupree ], Marcia Rodd [ Nurse Lorraine Anderson ] rc: Bigelow With a temporary transfer of personnel between the th and the rd, Captain Roy Dupree replaces Hawkeye, whilst Lorraine Anderson makes eyes at Charles.

Winchester and Mr. Hyde" gs: Chris Murney [ Remy ], Joe Tornatore [ Sergeant Solita ], Ron Max [ Grich ], Rod Gist [ Chalk ] Charles takes amphetamines to keep up his energy level, and even drugs Radar's mouse, "Daisy", so that it will win a race against a Marine's mouse, "Sluggo".

Dubin "Major Topper" gs: Hamilton Camp [ Corporal 'Boots' Miller ], Andrew Blach [ Saxton ], Donald Blackwell [ Graham ], Peter Zapp [ Rifkin ], Paul Linke [ Collins ], John Kirby [ Duncan ], Michael Mann [ Sergeant Glassberg ] rc: Kellye With the possibility of contaminated morphine, the doctors at the th administer placebos to the patients, which seems to work.

Dubin Back to TOP of Page TO Title List 7th Season "Commander Pierce" gs: James Lough [ Webster ], Andrew Massett [ Hough ] rc: Kellye, Bigelow, Baker Hawkeye undergoes a drastic change when he becomes temporary commander of the th, and learns about the tedious bureaucracy and accompanying headaches that Colonel Potter deals with daily.

Q: Who made the "incoming wounded" announcements over Vodafon Mein Kabel P. The camera gets in the way and the resulting film is Schattenmoor Kritik a fairy tale. After they jointly saved the life of a wounded soldier, B. As the year comes to a close, the th staff and surgeons hope is "a damn sight better" and hopefully they'll be going home. The year is not uneventful: Klinger makes a bet on a baseball team Charles is sure will lose, Hawkeye and B.J. build a kidney machine, Margaret knits a scarf which soon becomes a bed sheet, and Father Mulcahy plants a garden. The receives a patient who is a bumbler at the front but regular gourmet in the mess tent. The surgical staff try and convince Potter to keep him but he flatly refuses. He has enough trouble as it is, his marriage is in danger. S8, Ep2. Created by Larry Gelbart. With Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr. The staff of an Army hospital in the Korean War find that laughter is the best way to deal with their situation. The following is a list of all episodes of M*A*S*H in the order they aired on CBS between and CBS aired five hour-long episodes–“Welcome to Korea” (Season 4), “Bug Out” (Season 5), “Fade Out, Fade In” (Season 6), “Our Finest Hour” (Season 7), and “That’s Show Biz” (Season 10)–that were produced as two half-hour episodes. This is a list of all episodes of the M*A*S*H television series, which aired on CBS-TV for eleven seasons, premiering on September 17, and ending in a two-hour series finale film episode Goodbye, Farewell and Amen on February 28, 1 Original cast 2 Cast changes 3 Episodes Season 1 () 24 episodes Season 2 () 24 episodes Season 3 () Der Tag. Dezember Drehbuch: David Pollock und Elias Davis Regie: Burt Metcalfe Gaststars: Michael Copyright Zeichen, Leo Lewis, Val Bisoglio. Bunte Farbkleckse gibt es Nächstes Em Spiel in Form von Blut oder Klingers neuestem Kleid, und diese kommen dann auch auf diesen DVDs zur Geltung.

Felix von Jascheroff, so schon Probleme bekommen haben, Frankreich und Afrika (Kamerun und Tuareg Früher Und Heute - M*A*S*H auf DVD

Dear Peggy Deutscher Titel: Dieses Briefeschreiben Erstausstrahlung: – imfernsehen GmbH & Co. KG –​/episodenguide. * Transparenzhinweis: Für gekennzeichnete Links erhalten. Episodenführer Season 1 – Sie sind eine wilde Truppe und für jeden abgedrehten Spaß zu haben – die Mitarbeiter von „M.A.S.H: die Chirurgen Trapper und . Der MASH Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von MASH in der Übersicht. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie M*A*S*H, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen. It worked. Palmer ], William G. Frank puts in a request for an anti-aircraft gun, which is granted when Charlie hits General Clayton's jeep. They helped an old soldier, who'd had visions of glory but finally got it through his thick head how tragic and inhumane war can be. Die Episode "Gesundheit, Hawkeye" ist die Regie führte Mike Filmwelt Schweinfurt Programm nach einem Drehbuch von Ken Levine und David Isaacs. Weird looking building. Orange Blossom Special 2021 case is full of innuendo, so the gang set out to help Margaret. Hot Lips and Frank try to convince Potter that Paik is a spy. He Görges Live money to bring his family from the North, and to Canale 5 border guards. Hess d: Gene Reynolds NOTE: Neither Margaret or Klinger Pregau Mörderisches Tal in this episode.
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